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15-Jun-2017 19:32

These clips include teenagers in school uniforms making out and having sex.

Other extreme clip featured Malay Women wearing 'tudung' in action.

Bila orang tua itu terjaga Maria tidur dengan membelakangi orang tua itu.

Orang tua itu pun terus menekan batangnya ke dalam sepenuhnya.

Maybe so, the only thing I can relate it to is that 'if you tell a teenager dont' make out with you girlfriend (ringan-ringan) then surely he will do it and furthermore he/ they may even do it in public places to experience the thrill. I have always thought that being intimite with a loved one should be done in privacy and not in some random places.

Well I guess this is where we are heading to, teenagers engaging in sexual acts is nothing new these days.

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