Dating collectable glass

22-Sep-2017 20:19

These glass ornaments received a big boost in 1848 when they were shown in a woodcut depicting Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and their children in the English .Woolworth Expands the Market Glass ornaments went from a cottage industry to an international phenomenon when Frank Woolworth, of English descent, opened a store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.America Enters the Market With the outbreak of World War II, the German strong-hold on the glass ornament industry ended, and through the 1940s, Americans bought their ornaments by the box from domestic suppliers such as the Shiney Brite Company.Like the glass kugels before them, they are fragile, but they've proven the most durable in the contemporary marketplace, as the interest in new fabric, paper and cardboard ornaments has faded."People start out buying inexpensive decorations," he says, "and then some get hooked, and go up the ladder to higher prices." Low prices have also discouraged forgers, Morrison notes, preserving an innocence in a collecting field where innocence is prized.Inexpensive Ornaments "Some collectors love the hand-made ornaments," says Morrison, noting that many handmade ornaments made from 1850 to 1900 can be found in the to range.He has been a contributor to Antiques Roadshow Online since 1998.

The craftsmen would then embellish the forms with glass beads, fine crinkle wire, chenille, wax or miniature Dresden figures.

The most popular material among collectors, though, is cotton, which craftsmen used to make soft miniature snow children, angels, people, fruit, and Santa Claus, using the white cotton to mimic snow. They depicted all kinds of subjects, including every stripe of creature, domestic or wild, and also patriotic figures such as Miss Liberty, Uncle Sam, and the American eagle during the Spanish-American War and World War I.

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