Podcasts not updating in itunes

05-Sep-2017 18:01

So what about that second item on the list, artwork. So let’s roll that beautiful footage: Why the emphasis on the third item on the list?The reason for the emphasis is that i Tunes doesn’t actually list this one in their specifications.If you’re experiencing an issue where your podcast listing hasn’t been updated in more than 72 hours, contact i Tunes. I just updated my show’s description, why hasn’t it shown up in i Tunes?Is there anything I can do to get i Tunes to update faster? i Tunes doesn’t provide podcast producers or hosting providers with a tool that alerts them when an update has been made to an RSS feed. i Tunes takes at least 24 hours to update its main listing.I published my episode yesterday, why isn’t it in i Tunes?

I like to check images in a feed using Firefox: Here’s the catch.

Not to worry though, the delay does not affect your subscribers, as they will get the updates immediately after you publish them in Buzzsprout.